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[26 Jul 2005|10:20pm]

The name he cries stars was killing me.
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so...blah. [26 Jul 2005|06:11pm]
I hate that my mom doesn't trust me. She has no reason not to. Now I'm punished and I hope I can still get my license.

And I wouldn't surprised if she got me drug tested right now.

But on the bright side I think Bogi is coming to MD if she ever gets balls and asks her dad, which she probably won't end up doing until the last minute. And I had fun last night.
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djfgjfg [26 Jul 2005|06:07pm]
jdfgjr jhtyhg
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sandwich [25 Jul 2005|06:28pm]
take 1 piece of pita bread. cut in half.
spread some hummus on one side.
cut some cucumbers and put them on the hummus.
spread some hummus on the other side and place a slice of tomato on it.
put the two pieces together and enjoy.

so my mom put some kind of lipstick on me. only it's not lipstick, it's lip stain.
i look weird.
i don't like lipstick.
or lipstain.
it's purple.
i don't think it's going to come off.
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[24 Jul 2005|07:10pm]
Artscape was just great. Ben and I saw Liz's exhibit at MICA and it was so neat.

I'm going to buy the Ayu Trance CD. I have all this money now, and I only have 2 of her CDs. I wonder how many it is? 30? 40? More? I love her.

I get my license in 5 days. I still can't figure out what I'm going to do when I get it. I want to go somewhere fun.

Edit: Ayumi has released 72 CDs, including singles and remixes. I might be a few off, but I'm pretty sure I got them all.


BOGI IS VISITING. Visiting visiting visiting!
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I drove for 7 hours today. [23 Jul 2005|11:55pm]
I went to Luray (sp?) Caverns in VA today, quite a bit of driving.

Tomorrow Ben and I will go to Artscape

Maybe I'll wear a sundress.
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Hmm? [21 Jul 2005|01:47pm]
I didn't sign up for Drawing and Painting.
I don't know what either "morality" or "social justice" is.
I'm supposed to be in Trig.
Mrs. Mottram is teaching Theatre Arts.
Two lunches?

Today I get to see Sean I think. I also paid 10 dollars for a manicure this morning that I messed up before I even got back to the car.
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why do i write about all of this? [20 Jul 2005|04:47pm]
Yesterday I woke up and realized that my wallet fell out at a bowling alley a few nights ago. So I had to go all the way to Perry Hall with my mom and pick it up. The good thing is though, there was about 70 dollars in there and the 2am cleaning crew returned it with all of the money in it! So I gave the guy who returned it 10 dollars for being a good person, I guess. After that, my mom and I found a health food store in towson and we bought powerhouse sandwhiches and green tea and ate in a little gazebo. I also bought some good food and some apricot shampoo. On the way home it started thundering and raining, which was great. Of course then I get home and Jessica wants to go swimming, so I walked to her house and the lifeguard told us we couldn't swim for a half an hour. That's why we had a lightsaber fight with pool noodles!! Then we got to swim. Then I went to bed early, because I had to wake up at 7 to go to "work" and give my "boss" my social security number.

It feels so weird. First job.

Anyway, I got to babysit three kids for something like 10 hours. I spent most of the time reading a pretty good autobiography called The Burn Journals. It's about a guy who drenched himself in kerosene, lit himself on fire, and spent the next couple of months in the hospital followed my an asylum. Pretty good, if you like that stuff.

The reason why I mentioned it though, is because oddly enough the man works for All Things Considered, which is a talk show you might've heard if you ever listen to 89.7. It's the only station I listen to, so I've heard the talk show many times, I just can't figure out who he is yet.

But now I have 40 dollars and then 40 dollars which she's going to pay me for the other two kids. I can't believe I have 150 dollars and I haven't even started working yet.
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[19 Jul 2005|10:14am]
Last night Kevin and I got lost on the way home from Liz's house. I think we almost ended up in another state. It was so fucking scary. I missed my curfew by...a lot, so my new curfew is 11, probably for the rest of my life. AWESOME.
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I love Rilo Kiley. [18 Jul 2005|06:26pm]
Get a real job
Keep the wind to your back and the sun on your face
All the immediate unknowns
Are better than knowing this tired and lonely fate
Does he love you?
Does he love you?
Will he hold your tiny face in his hands?

I guess it's spring, I didn't know
It's always seventy-five with no melting snow
A married man, he visits me
I receive his letters in the mail twice a week

And I think he loves me
And when he leaves her
He's coming out to California

I guess it all worked out
There's a ring on your finger and the baby's due out
You share a place by the park
And run a shop for antiques downtown

And he loves you
Yeah he loves you
And the two of you will soon become three
And he loves you
Even though you
Used to say you were flawed if you weren't free

Let's not forget ourselves good friend
You and I were almost dead
And you're better off for leaving
Yeah you're better off for leaving

Late at night
I get the phone
You're at the shop sobbing all alone
Your confession it's coming out
You only married him
You felt your time was running out

But now you love him
And your baby
At last you are complete
But he's distant and you found him
On the phone pleading saying "Baby I love you
And I'll leave her and I'm coming out to California"

Let's not forget ourselves good friend
I am flawed if I'm not free
And your husband will never leave you
He will never leave you for me
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why have i been using livejournal so much? [17 Jul 2005|08:30pm]
I don't know. But all of a sudden, I realized something.

As overly dramatic as TC is, I've managed to avoid mostly all of it. In fact, the only time I've even gotten into a disagreement with someone since I've been there was with Phil. And little things here and there, I guess. It's just funny. I was involved in soo much pointless drama in middle school, and now at TC it's sort of like I've just grown tired of it and end up watching everybody else bitch it out.

Oh, that's all!
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[17 Jul 2005|01:14pm]
I went to bed at 2, and woke up an hour later with an image carved into my brain. So I blew the dust off my sketchbook, and just DID it. It came out almost perfectly, exactly the way I imagined it.

Maybe I'll start drawing more.
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computer is fixed. [16 Jul 2005|11:14pm]
I love this guy!

I'm a freak. Touch me. says:
Did I ever tell you how I lost "Most Likely To Succeed" to a guy in a wheelchair?
I'm a freak. Touch me. says:
It's so stupid! I mean...it's not even FAIR.
I'm a freak. Touch me. says:
First of all...I lose...then I lose to a guy in a WHEELCHAIR. Which means i can't HATE him for it....beause he's in a freakin' WHEELCHAIR and that just makes ME look bad.

So, yesterday I went to Hershey Park.
We rode the tidal force 4 times almost consecutively and got soaked. IN THE FRONT SEAT!
Liz was wearing black courdoroy pants. That was terrible.
Then we rode that Wildcat, that big wooden roller coaster. IN THE FRONT SEAT!
Liz and I rode this spinning flipping ride called Chaos while Bridget and other Liz watched, because they were scared.
We rode the lightning racer IN THE FRONT SEAT!
We rode the great bear...NOT in the front seat, because it's kinda boring and not really worth waiting for.
We rode this log ride thing IN THE FRONT SEAT!
We played some knockoff DDR thing, and lost because our DDR skills dissapeared.
Liz and I rode the Storm Runner, IN THE FRONT SEAT! even though the line took forever, and even though Bridget and Liz were too scared to go on.

then there was a movie od which consisted of The Labyrinth, Rocketman (twice), video gaming, some movie that the Sandkuhler's dad was in, and Anne of Green Gables.

And guess what? I can't believe I just typed all of that up.

Soo right now I'm downloading a bunch of animes cause I'm nerdy. All these ones that Ryan Kim said were good, like uh Monster? and My-Hime. So that's cool.

I guess.
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deals, deals, deals. [14 Jul 2005|10:49pm]
I went to the mall this evening and found a pink t-shirt with princess peach on it for 10 dollars! It's cute. Since Ben is at boy scout camp, I never have anyone to blah blah blah to besides Bogi, and it's starting to ALL COME OUT!

Tomorrow I'm going to Hershey Park.
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nerd post. [14 Jul 2005|07:06pm]
"Advent Children Bundled with Final Fantasy VII
Square Enix reveals super collectors pack for Advent Children DVD.
by IGN Staff

June 13, 2005 - Final Fantasy VII: Advent Children is all set for simultaneously US and Japanese DVD release on 9/14..."

from this site.
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[13 Jul 2005|09:58pm]
stress! stress!
the house is a mess.
please, no pms for meeeeee



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[13 Jul 2005|12:40am]
Your doctor has scheduled you for an autopsy on ___________ at _______ AM/PM. St. Amgems Hospital wants you to be prepared for what should be an eventful time. This guide should answer the most common questions in regard to your procedure. Please call your doctor's office if you have any further questions. Please remember, autopsies are performed on an "as needed" procedure. If you, or a qualified Medical Examiner chooses to cancel your autopsy, the Pathology department requires 24 hours notice.

As advanced as medical science is, sometimes we need more thorough procedures to find out why your living status has been impaired. An autopsy can include CAT scans, X-rays, and surgical evaluation.

Yes. At times when there is a lack of obvious traumatic impact, surgery is needed. Your doctor may wish to examine your vital organs. This involves removal of the organs for the purpose of study. The contents of your stomach will also be examined, so we urge you not to take anything by mouth for 12 (twelve) hours before cessation of your existence or the procedure.

We certainly hope not. If at any time you're feeling uncomfortable, please feel free to alert the pathologist.

We recommend a very large, empty suitcase. Ideally, your family should sign a "permission for disposal" form. If this has been done, you'll be provided with an effects bag and all unwanted matter will be disposed of in a device affectionately known as "Chuckie". It can also be helpful for you to bring anything that might have contributed to your current condition. This can include any drugs containers from medications you might have ingested.

Not for a while. We suggest you worry about this after your autopsy.

We take vanity in consideration. You may have a large "Y" shaped incision on your torso. There may also be some scalp incisions that can be covered by a competent professional.

Yes. Pathology is a profession fraught with stress and alcoholism. Your doctor may already have placed you in the Weenie Relocation Program (WRP) which means your weenie might end up in any number of body cavities, at the whim of your doctor. Should you not want us to laugh at your weenie, we suggest you dispose of it beforehand.

We at St. Amgems want your autopsy to be a positive experience and promise to treat your earthly remains with dignity and respect (aside from the weenie dealie). Please refer to our brochures "Cadaver's Bill of rights" and "So You're Dead. What Next?" for more information.

Remember, here at St. Amgems, our day starts when yours ends!
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what was I going to write about? i knew there was something...it's 4:30 am :/ [11 Jul 2005|04:14am]
I hate being a third wheel. X who owns a pellet gun but is actually Jessica decided that it would be great fun to use marquis bedroom window for target practice, who is actually Y and not marquis, who never woke up because he is probably drunk and this is the longest run on sentence ever but i cannot punctuate correctly.

and i still can't remember whwat i was going to say. godd it was important. oh well. bye bye!

yay for pointless entries which accomplish nothing!
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"you gotta swing like helen keller at a pinata party!" [10 Jul 2005|09:26pm]
Today I went to a barebeque. It was pretty fun, there were some vegetarians there so there was a lot of really awesome food to eat. We played frisbee golf. IT'S SO HARD! But fun, even though it's frustrating.

Tomorrow I'm trusting one of my friends to cut my hair, it should be interesting. It's just hair, it grows back. And someday it won't, so I might as well take advantage of it now.
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the phantom of the opera is there, inside your mind [09 Jul 2005|01:34pm]

pitiful creature of darkness,
what kind of life have you known?
god give me courage to show you
you are not alone


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